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Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data in Health Care: A Systematic Review

JMIR Med Inform 2016;4(4):e38

HTML PDF 34410 63 88
Health Information Technology in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety: Literature Review

JMIR Med Inform 2018;6(2):e10264

HTML PDF 30618 9 9
Prediction of Sepsis in the Intensive Care Unit With Minimal Electronic Health Record Data: A Machine Learning Approach

JMIR Med Inform 2016;4(3):e28

HTML PDF 24638 8 107
The Impact of Information Technology on Patient Engagement and Health Behavior Change: A Systematic Review of the Literature

JMIR Med Inform 2016;4(1):e1

HTML PDF 24401 65 64
Natural Language Processing of Clinical Notes on Chronic Diseases: Systematic Review

JMIR Med Inform 2019;7(2):e12239

HTML PDF 24202 41 42
Adoption Factors of the Electronic Health Record: A Systematic Review

JMIR Med Inform 2016;4(2):e19

HTML PDF 18711 6 42
Big Data and Clinicians: A Review on the State of the Science

JMIR Med Inform 2014;2(1):e1

HTML PDF 17676 20 71
From Data to Optimal Decision Making: A Data-Driven, Probabilistic Machine Learning Approach to Decision Support for Patients With Sepsis

JMIR Med Inform 2015;3(1):e11

HTML PDF 17662 2 30
Is There Evidence of Cost Benefits of Electronic Medical Records, Standards, or Interoperability in Hospital Information Systems? Overview of Systematic Reviews

JMIR Med Inform 2017;5(3):e26

HTML PDF 15438 19 9
Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records: Experiences From the Field and Future Opportunities

JMIR Med Inform 2015;3(3):e30

HTML PDF 15100 14 28
Nurses’ Experience With Health Information Technology: Longitudinal Qualitative Study

JMIR Med Inform 2018;6(2):e38

HTML PDF 12893 9 16
Open-Source Electronic Health Record Systems for Low-Resource Settings: Systematic Review

JMIR Med Inform 2017;5(4):e44

HTML PDF 12259 44 18
Outcomes From Health Information Exchange: Systematic Review and Future Research Needs

JMIR Med Inform 2015;3(4):e39

HTML PDF 11606 25 49
Making Big Data Useful for Health Care: A Summary of the Inaugural MIT Critical Data Conference

JMIR Med Inform 2014;2(2):e22

HTML PDF 11494 51 40
Natural Language Processing–Enabled and Conventional Data Capture Methods for Input to Electronic Health Records: A Comparative Usability Study

JMIR Med Inform 2016;4(4):e35

HTML PDF 11134 15 11
Factors Associated With Adoption of Health Information Technology: A Conceptual Model Based on a Systematic Review

JMIR Med Inform 2014;2(1):e9

HTML PDF 10971 9 28
Artificial Intelligence Versus Clinicians in Disease Diagnosis: Systematic Review

JMIR Med Inform 2019;7(3):e10010

HTML PDF 10854 46 21
Electronic Health Record-Related Safety Concerns: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Electronic Health Record Users

JMIR Med Inform 2016;4(2):e13

HTML PDF 10761 25 17
Dynamic Consent: A Possible Solution to Improve Patient Confidence and Trust in How Electronic Patient Records Are Used in Medical Research

JMIR Med Inform 2015;3(1):e3

HTML PDF 10747 7 56
Health Information Exchange Implementation: Lessons Learned and Critical Success Factors From a Case Study

JMIR Med Inform 2014;2(2):e19

HTML PDF 10692 13 18
Benchmarking Clinical Speech Recognition and Information Extraction: New Data, Methods, and Evaluations

JMIR Med Inform 2015;3(2):e19

HTML PDF 10496 3 19
The Role of Health Technology and Informatics in a Global Public Health Emergency: Practices and Implications From the COVID-19 Pandemic

JMIR Med Inform 2020;8(7):e19866

HTML PDF 10292 1 1
Health Information Technology (HIT) Adaptation: Refocusing on the Journey to Successful HIT Implementation

JMIR Med Inform 2017;5(3):e28

HTML PDF 10057 8 17
Impact on Readmission Reduction Among Heart Failure Patients Using Digital Health Monitoring: Feasibility and Adoptability Study

JMIR Med Inform 2019;7(4):e13353

HTML PDF 9914 2 6
Integration of Provider, Pharmacy, and Patient-Reported Data to Improve Medication Adherence for Type 2 Diabetes: A Controlled Before-After Pilot Study

JMIR Med Inform 2016;4(1):e4

HTML PDF 9823 16 11

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