Published on in Vol 8, No 9 (2020): September

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An Intelligent Mobile-Enabled System for Diagnosing Parkinson Disease: Development and Validation of a Speech Impairment Detection System

An Intelligent Mobile-Enabled System for Diagnosing Parkinson Disease: Development and Validation of a Speech Impairment Detection System

An Intelligent Mobile-Enabled System for Diagnosing Parkinson Disease: Development and Validation of a Speech Impairment Detection System

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Liang Zhang 1 Author Orcid Image ;   Yue Qu 2 Author Orcid Image ;   Bo Jin 2 Author Orcid Image ;   Lu Jing 3 Author Orcid Image ;   Zhan Gao 4 Author Orcid Image ;   Zhanhua Liang 3 Author Orcid Image


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