JMIR Medical Informatics rated as top (tier A) journal by experts

For authors faced with questions about the reputation and ranking of JMIR journals, the following may provide evidence that they are top journals: According to a survey among 398 health informatics experts who are asked to rank the top health informatics journals by Dohan et al (1), JMIR and it's (then) 2 sister journals JMIR Medical Informatics and JMIR mHealth were all ranked in the top tier, namely in the A+ (top 5%) and A (top 20%) tiers. 

top health informatics journals


1. Dohan, Michael S.; Serenko, Alexander; and Tan, Joseph PhD. The Expert Survey-Based Global Ranking of Management- and Clinical-Centered Health Informatics and IT Journals Transactions of the International Conference on Health Information Technology Advancement. Paper 45.