Call for Papers for Special issue on "Optimization, Data Mining, and Statistical Management of Bio-data in Medical Industry Informatization"

JMIR Medical Informatics invites authors to submit articles on the applications of multiobjective optimization and big data technology in the knowledge discovery, data integration and intelligent decision-making for advances in medical and healthcare management, as well as medical industry informatization.

Informatization has become an inevitable development trend in the medical industry, and has led to improvements in areas from individual patient information to allocation of resources for efficient patient-centered performance in healthcare organizations. Over the past few decades, computing hardware and software has been developed and continues to grow at an exponential rate. Breakthroughs in operational research and big data have facilitated the discovery of improved operational strategies in hospitals, which benefit patients’ health and lead to more personalized and overall better quality services for patients. Nevertheless, there are still some challenges when it comes to providing quality healthcare services.

Medical industry informatization entails the creation and administration of a healthcare system for efficient delivery of medical services and cost-effective operation of healthcare organizations. Analytical problem-solving and decision-making are needed to balance effective healthcare delivery with cost-efficient performance of the hospital. The development of procedures for state-of-the art medical treatments, quality care of patients, quality assurance characterization and assessment, and community distributed health planning are also required. Budget planning and allocation is an important component of hospital operations management, necessary to ensure cost-effective operations of all the hospital departments as well as to develop and expand programs and services for scientific research and preventative medicine.  

This constitutes the focus of this Special Issue (SI) on current state-of-the-art advances in medical informatization. Potential topics include (but are not limited to):

    • The function of medical information management systems, including resources allocation, personnel assignment and cost containment, 
    • Mobile applications to provide online medical consultants, including diagnosis, therapy planning, and treatment follow-ups,
    • Big data techniques in the medical domain, such as collection, analysis and processing of widely used medical data through wearable devices,
    • Machine learning, processing of widely used bio-data through evolutionary based algorithms,
    • Advanced techniques for optimization in the medical domain using metaheuristic optimization algorithms and hybridization, and
    • Multiple criteria decision making in hospital management.

Submission Guidelines

Authors should mention in their cover letter for each SI manuscript that the particular article has been submitted for this SI. The manuscript theme and name of the Guest Editors should also be included in the cover letter, so that the Guest Editors can be notified of the submission. Guidelines for preparation of the manuscripts and further instructions for authors are available at:

Unless authors are specifically invited by editors to contribute to this issue, the regular Article Processing Fees apply. See fee schedule at:

Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their manuscript on the JMIR Medical Informatics website according to the following timetable:

Proposed Time Table

Manuscript Due

31 December 2016

First Round of Reviews

31 January 2017

Second Round of Reviews

31 February 2017

Revised manuscript due

30 March 2017

Camera-ready version

01 April 2017

Publication Date

01 May 2017

Guest Editors

Dr Kelvin KL Wong

School of Medicine, The University of Western Sydney, Australia


Assoc Prof Simon Fong

Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Macau, Macau